I’m a strategic Product Design leader and a creative thinker; designing digital products, objects, and spaces. 

I’m fascinated by the magic of making connections between people, places, and interfaces.

For the past ten years, I’ve been building digital experiences spanning from mobile-first to immersive interactive installations for consumer products, cultural institutes, museums, and corporate clients.
Adept at guiding the process from inception and discovery through launch and growth. I believe in a user-first approach where testing, synthesizing insights and iteration are guiding principles.

What’s unique about my approach to design is that it’s informed by my background in animation, motion design, filmmaking, and music. I love to pay attention to the rhythm, and beat in which people experience things from micro-interaction to visual storytelling.

Most recently, as Director of Product Design at NortonLifeLock (Symantec), I headed the Product Discovery Incubator, where we explored the future of our lives in smart homes and the opportunities and challenges they may bring. We developed a vision, UX strategy, and solutions spanning across the ecosystem of mobile, connected devices (IoT), and voice assistants.

Prior to NortonLifeLock I built and headed the Digital UX team at G&A, a global architecture, planning and design firm. I led large scale projects and strategic relationships with key clients such as: The National Blues Museum, Google,, The Grammy Museum, J&J, The MS Arts Experience.


Large Scale Immersive Experience | Story Telling | Educational

City of Hope, is a  cutting edge medical research and treatment center in California,

to create a holistic ecosystem that plugs into its brand strategy and links onsite and global communities through its web and social media properties.

The Exploration Wall is an interactive architectural sculpture inspired by Richard Serra and Möbius strip. The design weaves an organic motif that spans across all the experience components; Mobile web-app, physical sculpture, and user-generated content connecting global communities with the onsite experience.



Concept and design iterations crystallized a motif of flow and connectivity to guide all the design decisions – physical, visual, interaction, and motion.

The sculpture’s form is inspired by an endless Mobius-link. A continuous animation flows through three touch-screens connected by LED strips, all working as one contiguous display. The touch-screens can be used by two users at a time and required new interaction patterns for a custom canvas in various use cases.


A Large-scale animated experience for the IAC video wall.

Short headline

Change the color to match your brand or vision and more.

Year: 2019

Company: NortonLifeLock (prev. Symantec)