Interactive projection mapping on an architectural sculpture, creating an intriguing ambient brand experience, inspired by and reinforcing the design of the Spine shoe.

Leading a creative and tech team at Hush Studios, we were approached by Under-Armour, to conceptualize and execute an immersive physical media experience to run alongside their high-profile product launch event at NYC, for their debut into the running shoe field – the Spine shoe.

The experience consisted of an immersive, large-scale sculptural object, an abstraction derived and inspired by the concept of spine, to act as a projection surface for¬†interactive, animated entities, part abstraction of spines and part primitive creatures, that followed attendees’ movement around the venue.

The projected visuals were interacting and responding to people’s movement in space using an array of Kinect sensors, that allowed for a wide interactive zone underneath the spine canopy. The visuals were divided into three acts, to accompany the flow of the event

– intrigue– act, displayed a more abstract interpretation of the spine concept, projected in complete darkness together with interactive ambient music and sounds.

– Reveal – The spine projection and the main keynote screen unite for a dramatic animated reveal of the actual shoe design

– Reinforce – Back to interactive spine elements, this time bearing design that directly resembles the ‘spiny’ design of the shoe.

The spine sculpture was made of individual segments, connected together in a tapering size and angle, to create the impression of a three dimensional and flexible object, almost like a skeleton of an imaginary monster. Hung down from the venue’s ceiling, the spine acted as a projected canopy above participants’ heads.

Role: Creative project lead. Oversee many talent efforts brought together, from design animation and coding side, as well as architectural and physical design. Integration with the whole content and experience of the brand event.