Connecting a global community around uniting ideas and values through narratives and experiences - the J&J heritage museum and responsive website act as one entity with two access points

I led the design for multiple web-based, mobile and physical apps for Johnson & Johnson’s physical and online heritage museum experiences. I collaborated with a core team of designers, PM, content strategists, and developers, as well as client-side teams of marketing, strategy and IT.
The project required a holistic approach to designing mobile web apps that scaled up all the way to digital exhibits with large touch tables and multi-user, multi-screen installations.


The core experience and content had to retain across all devices and screen sizes, including large touch screens and touch tables. All the different instances and break-points are based on the same CMS and feature identical content across all platforms.

Some design patterns were modified for the large installation screens to accommodate specific physical traits of touch-interaction at these scales, and for multi-screen, multi-user scenarios. & Media DesignGallagher & Associates

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