The droid snowbot interactive ad, was a 3D game played using natural body motion and gestured. Expanding on the Droid smartphone animated TV campaign. The application was created using the Unity game engine, and a custom built bridge to an openFrameworks based tracking application. Allowing users to use their hands freely as a way to control the animated robot hands on the screen. Users had to play against the evil ‘snow-bot’ who threw snow balls at them, using the robot hands users could dodge or catch the balls and get power-ups, based on the Droid phone features. Using touch screen, users could get their score sent to their email, for posting to a leader-board facebook.

My part for this project, was design and animate all the interface elements of the game, some in 3D, and integrate them into the 3D game engine seamlessly. In addition I worked on the tracking system. The system needed to achieve hand tracking (typically achieved using depth camera for skeletal tracking) with only a 2D camera. Face tracking was used to locate and lock onto the player. Motion differencing within a proximity to the face was analyzed to determine if the movement was associated with the user, and then determine what part of the body was moving. The motion was then averaged out and applied to the direction of motion the robot hands should be going in. This tracking of the hand locations was communicated to the Unity application.

Produced by Inwindow Outdoor.

The Inwindow Outdoor completion video