Symptomatic ­ is a tool that enables patients to log and track their medical symptoms, and produce analytics reports for their physician. Symptomatic allows to create multiple logs to track and report about symptoms occurrence. It also provides a direct communication with the caring physician, to expedite the flow of information and the process of diagnosis. Reports and analytics are generated, using the accumulating data, and allow patients and physicians to slice through different factors to better learn about a medical condition.
Work on this app started as a personal project when brainstorming the specific needs of symptom tracking for medical research data, and to help expedite and streamline the diagnosis process for patients. The development continued when I enrolled in the Stanford HCI online course, and is going through phases of iteration towards development and implementation.
Both the web and the mobile apps are integrated and are served through the same database, while the web app would enable richer interaction with the data analytics, and wider view of different symptoms being tracked.
The design process included observations, storyboards, wireframing with Balsamiq, prototyping using Axure, user testing, and maintaining development documentation and feature list.

Hi-Fidelity Mobile Wireframes

Web-app Sketch Wireframes


Early Storyboard