Social / mobile game, played around the experience of watching content on connected-TV. Role: Ideation, interaction design, UI-animtation
JoynTV is a conceptualized service, designed to bring the added value of social gaming, to the experience of watching TV. Play games with your friends, about your favorite TV show, while you are all watching the show at the same time (either together on on separate locations). Essentially a platform for a variety of casual and social games that users can choose to play and compete against each other, in trivia, quick response or puzzle solving, all related to the selected watched content. The application can run as a smartphone app, or on a computer, and players can sit at the same room, or in any place around the globe. The concept stemmed from envisioning applications for an interactive TV box (Boxee). We worked as a team, and looked to create a playful experience that would join friends to enjoy watching TV content together. The envisioned experience is presented as a personal user journey video.

The product design process included user research, to define use-case patterns and needs, user personas and flows, sketched and high fidelity wireframes and prototypes, and UI design and animation.

Mobile app wireframes

Desktop/web app


User Journey storyboard