Verizon Destination Store

Large scale interactive and sculptural experience at the the Verizon Destination flagship store. An integrated video walls duo, acting as a focal-point for the store experience. Role: Senior Art Director —  Creative Lead. Produced by AKQA.

The Verizon Focal walls are part of the wide context of the Verizon Destination store, with the first store launched at Mall of America in Minneapolis. The store visitors engage in multiple media and interactive experiences, touching different aspects of our connected, digital life. The Front Focal Wall (monolith) and the back focal wall create a center point for the store visitors, leading the eye as soon as entering the store, and act as an experiential oasis, inviting for an abstract sculptural and theatrical experience, in the midst of a busy retail experience.

Destination store — Front Monolith and Back-Focal video walls

The back-focal wall is a 20″ (~7 meters) screen displaying an abstract particles animation, illustrating the Verizon network. Using Kinect sensors, visitors can interact with the animated particles, forming different character, that represent shared passions, like sports or music. The characters are composed of particles and reflect users’ motion in 3D. The characters display “energy hands” a glowing stream of particles, between their hands, that empowers and encourage users to explore ways to invoke data and information from within their avatar’s hands. Users enjoyed the empowering experience, and repeated it, trying to form different characters, and explore different kinds of data from the animated network. The super wide screen enables multiple users to interact and form characters simultaneously.
The front-wall displays an animation, of the network visualization, anchoring the whole visual and branded experience of the store, and reinforced by the presence of the wide back-wall behind it.
As an environmental media experience, these two installations guide visitors through the store, and define direction and sense of space, surrounded by busy retail and marketing content.

BackFocal videoDoc from Eyal Ohana on Vimeo.

UX Specs Documentation

Back Focal — curved, micro-tiles based, interactive screen