The animated film Rango tells the story of a chameleon with acting skills. To promote the film we created an experience that allowed people to disappear and blend into their environment, just like a chameleon. Users had to stand still while watching themselves on a large screen, the less you move, the more you blend […]

The Sprites — Game Design


These Characters are part of a design proposal, for an integrated multi-platform game. The game experience is designed to extend from a site specific installation to a prolonged mobile and web-based experience. The visual development consisted of modular background elements and landscapes, and character design. Simple, yet personified characters, that dwell in the game’s world. […]

motion graphics — boards

Swarm_frame 1

Storyboards and still frames design.  From various motion design projects. Click on the images to view a slide show. SAMSUNG — Brand spot, for Times square Jumbotron screen. NBCU — multi brand spot SVT1 (Swedish national network) — Winter ID. NFL Kickoff spot pitch. Lucia In the making — title sequence. Experimenting with generative compositions in Processing treated […]