The animated film Rango tells the story of a chameleon with acting skills. To promote the film we created an experience that allowed people to disappear and blend into their environment, just like a chameleon. Users had to stand still while watching themselves on a large screen, the less you move, the more you blend in and disappear. As users disappeared they simultaneously appeared in a cartoon image of themselves posing alongside Rango. The screen also displayed an augmented-reality element — an animated shadow of a hawk casted on the ground, flying around and looking for prey. The hawk was attracted to users in motion, until they stood still and disappeared . At the end of the experience, users could send a text message to get their cartoon photo with Rango, to their phone. From there there was a one click upload to facebook feature. The easy integration resulted in over 75% of the users uploading their photos to facebook.

Produced by Inwindow Outdoor.
A test run of the Rango application. Watch the kid on 00:26, looking for augmented reality element in the real world.


The Inwindow Outdoor completion video