Impermanence (Momentary)

Large scale animated experience for the IAC video wall.

Momentary is an animated experiment inspired by the Zen principle of impermanence and its expression in traditional Japanese ink painting. Placed in the digital context of the IAC video wall, contrasting and connecting with nature in a transient composition.

This project was a continuation of a long time curiosity that I have about the meeting of animation and japanese painting. Creating a spatial and personal experience, when displayed on the huge canvas of the IAC video wall.

The visual direction drawn from classical painters as well as contemporary imagery,  combines algorithmic elements created in processing, alongside elements that were animated in After-Effects, mainly particles systems that simulate the behavior of ink and brush on rice paper. I collaborated with Elizabeth Fuller for this fusion, and she contributed some interesting landscape elements, that were generated using Processing. The animated nature of the piece is of  transient compositions, writing onto the paper/screen and vanish right after to make place for new compositions. This allowed for many different perspectives and points of view to be presented in space and in time. And made the point that everything is transient and momentary in our world. For this project, I composed the sound-track, alongside working on the animation, which made it an integrated audio visual work flow.

Produced as part of ‘Big Screens’ at NYU’s ITP.
Momentary on display at the IAC building (mockup)

excerpts from the animation. click on images to view the gallery