Deconstructor is an audio visual performance tool, based on the use of visual and sonic particles systems, influencing each other.

This project emerged from studies about using particles systems to generate fluid organic motion, of ‘creatures’ that seem to have life of their own. Designed and programmed in Processing, this system acts as a paint brush on black canvas. After applying a brush stroke, the stroke soon breaks into individual moving creatures moving about at their will.
The audio part of the tool is a granular synth built in Reaktor. granular synthesis is a method of generating organic sound-scapes by using sonic “grains” (or particles). In a similar way to the visual particles, one grain is almost unnoticeable, but multiplicity creates moving, rich sound textures. These two systems are connected and synchronized using OSC, so that every visual particle correlate with a sonic grain.

This piece was presented as a performance at Diapason, a sound-art space in Brooklyn. In the performance I ‘played’ or ‘painted’ with a wacom pen, onto a large projection. The animation and the sound are attached at every phase of their life span, when they are painted and when they continue to move independently until they fade away.

The Reaktor based granular synth — patch.